Love / Anti Love Valentine’s Day Box

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BOX PRICE IN STORE IS €45, postage costs are added to this price for delivery and also in checkout due to our site using a flat rate shipping on orders.

STEP 1. Each box starts with a slab of
artisanal Irish CHOCOLATE from
Bean and Goose, some snazzy Irish
Socksciety SOCKSYer Man /Yer Wan /Dublin) and a tick your box CARD.

STEP 2. Choose the perfect A4 PRINT(Sun and Moon /Plant Baby /Spoon Me /Any Day Spent With You /Some Woman for One Woman /Bag of Cans /Hot Bitches Only /Stick it up your bollox /Meet me under Clerys Clock /The George /Spire Cloud from
our selected prints in the images in this listing.

STEP 3. Pick ONE of the following bundles
and add to your box:

a Geebag tote from Homebound with a laser cut slang
word(geebag /gobshite /eejit /langer) decoration


a handbound Duffy’s Poolbeg Dublin notebook with a laser cut
slang word(geebag /gobshite /eejit /langer) decoration


an aromatic natural wax candle from Eau Lovely

Delivery – We charge a flat rate of €3.95(Ire)/€6.90(EUR)/€9(USA) for unframed prints sent to Ireland(when checking out) or €10(€3.95 + €6.05) per for this box as our site can’t differentiate between the weight of items. When checking out, the additional €3.95 will be added to the cost to make up the €10 postage of this box.
If you choose to collect in store, please click collect in store in the checkout section.

Email if you’ve any questions or ring 016165671 to get our Patrick Street shop.

Step 1 Dublin socks large, Dublin socks small, Yer Man socks large, Yer Wan socks small
Step 2 Any Day Spent With You, Bag of Cans, Hot Bitches Only, Meet me under Clerys Clock, Plant Baby, Some Woman for One Woman, Spire Cloud, Spoon Me, Stick it up your bollox, Sun and Moon, The George
Step 3 Eau Lovely Candle, Geebag tote & eejit decoration, Geebag tote & geebag decoration, Geebag tote & gobshite decoration, Geebag tote & langer decoration, Poolbeg book & eejit decoration, Poolbeg book & geebag decoration, Poolbeg book & gobshite decoration, Poolbeg book & langer decoration
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