My Enemy List notebook – sold out


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By Fergus O’Neill

Conceived in the vast and unending wastelands of the most craven, soulless mire (Dundrum). Hot foil blocked in a place more terrible and unremittingly bleak than the mind is capable of understanding (Santry). Finished by the twisted filthy, clawed hands of grotesque goblins (Diarmuid & Ivan) in the very pit of hell itself (the Dublin Industrial estate). Grand Grand gives you…. MY ENEMY LIST notebook.

A 48 page lined notebook for keeping track of your enemies.
100mm x 140mm red foiled black cover and blood red pages.

A handy notebook for your pocket or purse that allows you to neatly organise your enemies into neat lists… to await your wrath, vengeance, ire, bile, loathing or whatever type of justice YOU decide should await THE LISTED.