Tara O’Brien

Tara O’Brien is one of Dublin’s most exciting illustrators, producing lively feminine images with a political subtext. Her artwork is gorgeously modern, building fine textures and subdued colour palettes on her boldly unapologetic subjects. Tara frequently portrays women dancing, laughing and revelling in the endless variety of body shapes, colours, tones and attitudes that make the female form such an enduring subject. She gives us happy women enjoying icecream in their undies, laughing raucously on a swing or taking a dip in the sea. These are ladies we want to be friends with, who look like they would take us out for a good time! Tara’s illustration has contributed to movements both at home and abroad, commenting on issues raised by March For Choice and Black Lives Matter. Always confronting the lack of ethnically diverse, body positive images of women in print, Tara manages to be political, simply by portraying Irish women as they really are.