Solus Street Art

Dublin artist Solus.

His work is about conquering inner demons and life’s challenges. The boxing gloves represent putting up a fight to conquer life’s obstacles.

Solus’s first solo exhibition (Mis Spent Youth) was in the Culture Box in Temple Bar, Dublin in 2011. This had lead Solus to have sell out shows in Ireland and abroad.

Solus works on large outdoor murals and additionally has become a gallery artist, producing works on canvas and limited edition prints.

Solus has gained notoriety not only for his work in Ireland, but also North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Solus currently works with galleries in New York , Miami, Montreal, Australia and Dublin.

Solus commercial collaborations include

Jameson, Sony, Adidas, Dublin City Council, RTE, Nokia, PETA.ORG, Dublin Whiskey Company, Trinity College, Today FM, Vodafone, Temple Bar Cultural Trust to name a few.


Irish Independent – Irish Times – Evening Herald – Metro – ITV news – New York Times – – A visual Feast – input output – Planet Graffiti – Goblin Market and many more.