Kopi & Co

The name Kopi & Co. is (obviously) inspired by Kopi, our Cavapoo pup (Cavalier King Charles x Poodle). We got Kopi in the middle of the pandemic and since then, Kopi has brought so much joy to our life. We created an Instagram account for Kopi @kopithecavapoo and met so many lovely people there. The “& Co” is a nod to all the kind and lovely furiends, dog pawrents, and dog lovers that we’ve met, who constantly inspire us everyday.

We are passionate about all dogs (not just our own) and we love supporting local small businesses. Realising that there are not a lot of options for dog pawrents who loves to shop local in Ireland, and with art & craft being one of my hobbies growing up (and still), I knew I could marry the two passions and create a dog accessory brand.

We spent months researching the market, sketching out designs in-house, and testing products from multiple suppliers, we are confident to say that we are able to offer you and your pooch the most thoughtfully designed and premium quality products.

Again, we’d like to say a huge thank-you to the dog lover community. This brand was inspired by YOU, and was created for YOU. We cannot wait to see you and your pooch in Kopi & Co. products.

Chi, John & Kopi