Dora Hurley

Dora Hurley is an exciting street photographer and composite artist from Dublin. Always to be found wandering the streets with her trusted camera, the natural wildlife found thriving our the city, peeking out amongst the tall buildings and historical architecture inspired her, and created fantastic landscapes in her mind. The city experienced a period of rewilding during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as the foxes, birds and other small creatures tentatively tiptoed down Grafton Street, encouraged by the strangely emptied streets. Dora used digital techniques to blend her own drawings, photographs and imagination to create her illustrative series, Wild Dublin. These striking illustrations show us shoals of silvery fish gliding by playful seals at a sunken Christchurch Cathedral, sky high liberty caps with a family of swans and of course, enigmatic foxes confidently padding through the city, across the Georgian terraces and Guinness brewery gate. The light in Dora’s work is very special, she loves to capture the magic hour before dusk or the luminous morning beams as they break over the buildings and her skies hang heavy with pops of vermillion and claret.