Culture Night

Lost content

We live in such startling abundance that it is easy to loose sight of it. Life on earth, creeping in the tiny corners and roaring endlessly in wide open spaces, has always seemed to us relentless. With every passing century, humans have unlocked further secrets, revealing the astonishing complexity of our planet, developing technology that allows us glimpses at the nano creatures and microscopic universes, entire worlds within a drop of seawater. We can look through telescopes at the procession of astral bodies, witnessing meteor showers and the birth of stars.
This spirit of inquiry which has shown us the delicacy and fragility of Earth, can also be the key to it’s protection. Just as we have innovated and produced newer and newer objects to fit into our ever-changing lifestyles, turning every natural resource to our advantage, so too can we now focus our collective study to preserving what we still have. We must guard the growth of the tiny components, the bees and worms, the wildflowers and the beads of dew. lt’s our responsibility to use the incredible body of scientific knowledge humans have built since we first began shaping tools and recording our discoveries, to ensure our species’ continuation on Earth.
Like children handling a precious glass bauble, we have treated our planet clumsily, wanting to understand and master it, and not always understanding the implications of our actions. All too soon, the smashed pieces will be all we have left.
Each piece designed by our artists are signed and limited edition to only 10 prints, are A2 size and giclée prints.
Ruth Keating 2019