Mark Conlan

Irish artist Mark Conlan, based in Melbourne produces beautiful, original illustrations. Working on commissions for renowned international clients including The Guardian, Airbnb, Etsy, and The New York Times has garnered him a huge following, and his fanbase grows with every new submission.
Characteristically stylised and playful, Mark’s figures live in an hallucinatory world, engulfed by giant leaves, monstrous plants and hidden exotic wildlife. Scale and proportion are pulled askew and in his illustrations we observe the vastness of space or loose ourselves in miniature bolt holes in the undergrowth. His work features repeat patterns and motifs with limited colour palettes, reminiscent of historical china patterns, Grecian urns and frescoes. Themes of solitude and discovery run through his series, with characters lost in flights of fancy either between the pages of a book, or gazing up at a cerise sunset.