Jessica Rooney Deane

Jessica Rooney Deane is a Dublin paper artist, illustrator and designer. She graduated from DIT with a BA in Visual Communication, and is the founder of the popular Instagram space @paperireland. Jessica approaches image-making in quite an unusual way, drawing and cutting up her illustrations before placing the pieces in layers, creating a charming hybrid of collage and pencil drawing. Her images show depth and shadow, and a mixture of textures, while maintaining their wholesome and handmade feel. Her papercut prints of Dublin hangouts are carefully chosen, and she has placed each crisp layer with precision, making the shopfronts and facades pop with nostalgia. Her images of home life are comforting and relatable, they centre around cooking, dancing, and binge watching that latest tv series with way too much takeaway food. Heavily influenced by movies, television and books, Jessica is an ardent fan of director Wes Anderson and his candy coloured aesthetic runs through her work, along with playful references to favourite fictional characters, everyday indulgences, and hand lettered advice from Audrey Hepburn.