Donal Mangan

Donal Mangan is currently working as an Animator and Director, developing his first animated TV show with the company Dog Ears, based in Derry.
Previous jobs include working as an Animator on the TV show ‘Puffin Rock’ with Dog Ears, an EFX Animator in Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon on the Oscar Nominated feature film, ‘Song of the Sea’, working as an animator on the pre-school show ‘Joe & Jack’, the award winning short ‘Miss Remarkable and Her Career’ and numerous other projects with the company A Man & Ink, in Galway.
He also works as an Illustrator in between animation jobs. This year he completed a series of four gig posters for Derry based record company, Smalltown America and had an illustration selected for the Humdinger! Editions exhibition as part of the annual Humdinger! Children’s Story Festival in Derry.