Alan Power

Alan Power is a graphic designer from Dublin. Working in the industry for well over a decade, he specialises in creating coherent, balanced impressions of well loved places. His passion for minimalism means he uses a simplicity of line and geometry to build motifs that make an impact. His extensive experience in product design, branding and logo creation means he can clear away any excess and preset a pared back, distilled view. He shows us Dublin architecture both modern and classic, Georgian doors, our famous cable stay bridge (Samuel Beckett), National Convention Centre Spencer Dock, and the historic portico of the GPO. His images of isolated lighthouses are a peek at the tools of the industry, architectural blueprints and isometric lines. Dotted around the Irish coastline, perched on rocky headlands and islands, our lighthouses are solid and timeless. Alan floats these dramatic structures beside orbs of soft, pastel colour and uses discreet panels of graduating shadow to soothe the eye and lend an air of sweet maritime nostalgia.